Monday, 9 September 2013

Post 8 - Vernallis' Theory: 'The Kindest Cuts- Functions and Meaning in Music Video Editing'

McFly's video for 'I'll be Okay' is an example of a music video described in Carol Vernallis' theory. This is because there are many different locations which are continuously being changed. There is more than one concept which is shown by the different locations, how feeling down and lost can cause you to do certain things such as drinking more alcohol or watching television all day by yourself.

There is an absence of time in the music video apart from at the end when everything starts getting better, such as the rain stopping.

The band are the visual hooks, they link the non-continuous shots together by being in them performing. The music video I focusing on them rather than on a narrative.

Jessie J in the music video for 'Domino' is also seen as a visual hook because she is seen in all of the shots, even when there is a change in background or costume. This links all of the shots together.

Shots of the artist will encourage us to piece together a 'phantasmagorical body' of the artist. For example, in Kylie Minogue's 'Spinning Around' music video, we are shown parts of her body which allows us to piece them together in order to make an ideal body.

I would use this theory in my music video by using different locations to show more than one concept. We can also use one or all of us as a visual hook to link the non-continuous shots together which would make the video editing smoother to watch.

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