Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Post 13 - Photo-shoot Plan

This is the plan that we have written up for when we are doing the photo-shoots for our album cover and advertisement. We have decided that we are going to do the photos where we need the green screen on the 5th November, whilst we are at school and then we will take the photos on the abandoned tracks over the half term.
Shannen and I will be the main artists in the album cover as we are the main performers in the music video.

Post 14 - Location Permission

These are the emails that we have written to ask for permission from Sutton and Carshalton Council to use the locations for our filming. This is so that the council know that we are meant to be filming on those specific dates.

Post 16 - Track Permission Letter

This is the track permission letter that we have written to The Veronicas' management company. We need this letter so that we will be able to legally use the track without any copyright issues, especially when we are broadcasting the music video on Youtube and at the Media Showcase.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Post 15 - Talent Release Form

This is the talent release form which shows that I give permission to be filmed and to have the footage shown at events such as the Media Showcase.

Post 12 - Advert Design

This is my idea for the album advertisement. It shows the two main performers in one image, which is split in half. This shows how the two girls are connected to each other through the band and that they are one band but two separate girls. The advertisement also shows different icons which relate to the girls and their style, such as the rose and the broken hearts. The colours pink, purple and red are used to highlight the idea of the band being part of the pop rock genre, as there is a mix between the pop princess and the rock chick.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Test Shot

This is our test shot of the growing tattoo on Shannen. We tested the shot because we needed to know how fast the editing would need to be to make the shot smooth, easy to watch and realistic. The stop-motion idea may have been difficult to do due to the time and care needed when drawing on the tattoo. Another difficulty is that the camera and Shannen's arm would need to stay in the same positions for a long period of time.

We are also planning to make the tattoo extend from the arm onto the background of the shot, by continuing the tattoo onto a piece of card that we are using for the background.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Post 11 - CD Cover Designs

This is my idea for our CD cover. This is based on the idea of the two singers being one band and they are both equal, shown by the split page with half of their faces on each side. Both of them are seen on all of the images which shows that idea that they are both part of the band, not one being the main performer with the other being the back-up.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Post 10 - Shooting Schedule

This is the shooting schedule that we have planned so that we know what days we will be shooting, where we will be shooting, who is involved and what props and costumes we will need. This will allow us to organise our time efficiently during the production process of our music video.

Post 8 - Props and Costumes List

These are the lists that we have created which show what our props and costumes are. Our costumes are going to be the types of costume worn by pop rock artists which shows their rebellious and unique styles.

This costume would be worn by my character to show her pop princess side. The pop princess style is shown through the use of pink with black.

This costume would be worn by my character to show her more rebellious, rock style. This is seen through most of the costume being black with the purple and black tights.

The leather jacket would be used to show the two girls' rebellious sides, as the leather jackets are usually associated with rebels and punks.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Post 7 - Storyboard animatic

This is the animatic showing our storyboards in time to the song that we are using.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post 9 - Location Shots

This is one of our locations due to the fact that it could be seen as a typical teenage girl's room. We would film the shots of Shannen and Lindsay watching films or having a sleepover during the graphic matches showing how the two friends were before and after they started to change.

This is one of the locations used for the flashback shots where we are showing the before and after of the two friends. This is because we can show the equilibrium by making the room light and open, and then show the disequilibrium by closing the curtains to make the room seem darker.

  This is one of our photos of London where we will film parts of our narrative for our music video. We would film the parts of the narrative where the girls were arguing and breaking apart from each other.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Post 6 - Concept

These were our original concept ideas. We were planning on filming in London close to the Tate Modern and around other parts of London. We are now planning on filming in Sutton on the bridge close to the park and at Carshalton ponds. The concept of the costumes and props have not changed from the original ideas to the final ideas.
 These are our final concept ideas. We are planning on using the green screen to show the difference between the two different genre extremes of pop and rock. The narration consists of two friends moving apart from each other until they are no longer friends. We are showing the contrast between the time when they were best friends and the time when they are completely different from each other.

We plan to film our music video in a variety of locations, including Central London for the narrative and a drama room for our performance shots. This is because Central London is a busy place where friends go on day trips together and there is a lot of activity there. The drama rooms have low-key lighting due to the black walls, floor and ceiling but they are equipped with spot lights.

The two singers in the group will wear contrasting costumes in order to highlight the theme of two friends moving apart from each other and also to emphasise the pop rock genre.