Thursday, 19 September 2013

Post 16 - Audience Research 1

 This is our vox pop video of asking different people within our target audience what they thought they would expect to see in a pop rock music video.

Our target audience have told us that in pop rock videos, they expect to see a lot of performance shots and a narrative which is clear and matches the concept. In pop rock videos, they expect to see the performers wearing dark clothing and heavy make-up with either long black hair or long hair with a variety of colours.
This is an example of our questionnaire.


1) What gender are you? Please circle:      Female        Male

2)What age group are you in? Please circle:

10-15       16-24       25-34       35-45       46-59       60+

3) What genre of music do you enjoy the most? Please state:

4) Who is your favourite artist or band and why?

5) What is your opinion of pop rock music?

6) How do you consume music?
  • Buy online
  • Buy in store
  • Use YouTube or Spotify
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Other? Please state
7) Do you have any favourite music videos? If so, which ones?

8) Do you go to concerts? If yes, how often?

9)Where do you find out about new music?

10) Are there any music magazines/websites that you use regularly? If so which ones?

11) Do you listen to more British artists/bands than you do international artists/bands?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Equal amount
12) Please state your ethnicity and occupation.

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