Monday, 9 September 2013

Post 9 - Andrew Goodwin's theory: Dancing in the Distraction Factory

An example of an Illustration music video is 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus. The lyrics are telling a story about a boy in high school. The images in the music video also show a boy in high school who is unpopular but finds the girl that he likes. The band are dressed as they would be expected to dress. The editing is always cut to the beat. We could create an Illustration music video by making the meaning of the video very literal and easy to understand, by the performance in the music video matching the lyrics.

An example of an Amplification music video is Paramore's 'Anklebiters' music video. In this part of the song, the lyrics "What do you actually expect a broken mirror to reflect" have been shown by the rose jumping through the mirror, while trying to get away from the "anklebiters" that are seen throughout the video. This is a more abstract way of expressing the lyrics in the song. We could use this in our music video to make the video look more creative and abstract by using more effects and 'thinking outside the box' to express our lyrics.

An example of a Disjuncture music video is 'Da Funk' by Daft Punk. The music video is more like a film rather than a music video, instead of lyrics and lip-synching, there is dialogue. The music video also does not cut to the beat. We do not know whether the lead singer was dressed up as the dog or whether he was an actor but this is not generally how Daft Punk were seen. We could create a disjuncture music video by using off-beat editing to disorientate the viewers and we could look very different from how the band are expected to look.

Another band who could be used as an example are 'Versailles', a J-Rock band who dress like French aristocrats. This would attract more people to listen to their music because they would be curious of their style of costume and then their sound. If we wanted to create a disjuncture music video, we could dress up slightly different from the norm to catch people's attention.

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