Thursday, 26 September 2013

Post 5 - Image Annotation

The image that we wish to create for our artists is a pop princess and rock chick contrast. One of our singers would wear pink and black colours with dresses, skirts and leather jackets whereas the other singer will wear red and black colours with black boots, leather jackets and skinny jeans. We have been inspired by the artists Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne. Hayley Williams is inspiring our "rock chick" look whereas Avril Lavigne is inspiring our "pop princess" look.

Our target audience is mostly teenage girls who enjoy wearing clothes in the style which is between a  "rock chick" style and a  "pop princess" style and listen to pop rock music. The two main performers are wearing a pop princess look and a rock chick look which gives the target audience both styles to look up to.

Post 3 - Song Details

These are our notes on the details of the song that we have chosen. We chose this song because it is very lively and energetic. There is also a story in the song with a lot of emotions in it, which we could portray in a creative way. We can relate to the meaning of the song which would allow us to create the story in the music video.

Post 4 - Lyrics Annotations

Post 2 - Roles

These are our roles for our music video.
Lewis will be a performer and will be in charge of lighting and camerawork.
This is because Lewis is very creative and will be able to make the setting effective even if it was simple. He also plays the bass which would be an advantage in our performance shots.
Ben will be a performer and will be in charge of sound and editing.
Ben is in charge of editing because he is the most experienced in editing, so even though we will all do editing, he will have a main role in the editing. He has had previous experience on the drums which is why he is a performer.
Shannen will be a performer, editor and director.
Shannen is the director because she is able to take a lead role, especially when making decisions. She is one of the singers because the song is performed by two females.
I will be a performer and will be in charge of sound and mise-en-scene.
I am in charge of sound and mise-en-scene because I can be creative when thinking about the costumes and setting to make the music video's mise-en-scene relevant to the song and the concept. I am one of the performers because the song is performed by two girls so I am performing as one of the girls.

Post 1 - Initial Ideas

These are the initial ideas for our music video. The song that we are planning on doing is 'Did Ya Think?' by The Veronicas. We have chosen this song because we like the story that it behind the song and it is fast and energetic for us to create a typical pop rock music video. The type of costume that we have chosen is punk clothing with dark colours for the main costume but bright colours for the accessories. Our location is going to be a dark, urban location in a large city such as London.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Post 17 - Audience Research 2

This is the analysis for our questionnaire results.

Post 16 - Audience Research 1

 This is our vox pop video of asking different people within our target audience what they thought they would expect to see in a pop rock music video.

Our target audience have told us that in pop rock videos, they expect to see a lot of performance shots and a narrative which is clear and matches the concept. In pop rock videos, they expect to see the performers wearing dark clothing and heavy make-up with either long black hair or long hair with a variety of colours.
This is an example of our questionnaire.


1) What gender are you? Please circle:      Female        Male

2)What age group are you in? Please circle:

10-15       16-24       25-34       35-45       46-59       60+

3) What genre of music do you enjoy the most? Please state:

4) Who is your favourite artist or band and why?

5) What is your opinion of pop rock music?

6) How do you consume music?
  • Buy online
  • Buy in store
  • Use YouTube or Spotify
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Other? Please state
7) Do you have any favourite music videos? If so, which ones?

8) Do you go to concerts? If yes, how often?

9)Where do you find out about new music?

10) Are there any music magazines/websites that you use regularly? If so which ones?

11) Do you listen to more British artists/bands than you do international artists/bands?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Equal amount
12) Please state your ethnicity and occupation.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Post 11 - Pop Rock music video analysis

Music Video 1: Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

The editing is fast-paced during the performance shots but still cuts to the beats. This makes the music video easier and more orientating for the audience to watch.

Music Video 2: The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne

Music Video 3: Now - Paramore

The establishing shot at the beginning sets the mood of the music video. The mood that has been set here is a mysterious and eerie atmosphere due to the lone tree in the middle of the two people facing off to each other from opposite sides of the screen.

A slow motion effect has been used when the grenade was thrown to show the cliché of time going slowly when something bad is about to happen. The slow motion effect is used throughout the music video to shoe the effect of the battle, as we can see the actions more clearly.

The low-key lighting makes the setting look grim and hopeless for the protagonists. The extras who are fighting the war are all shadows which makes the seem less significant than the lead singer. The low-key lighting is conventional for pop rock music videos, which have a slightly more rock-like element to it.

The continuity editing of the extra throwing the grenade and then it exploding is in time to the beat of the music. The long shot shows Hayley walking through the war while it is going on around her. This is effective because we are able to see the whole situation of the war.

The introduction of the paint smoke is showing a new concept of the video, of bringing colour, and therefore hope to the war that is going on. The band now seem different and more eccentric from everyone else.

A variety of camera lengths and movements are used throughout the music video during the battle. Close-ups are generally used when Hayley is lip-synching and long or mid shots are used to show parts of the war. The camera is handheld which gives the video a more dynamic look, which is typical of pop rock music videos.

Post 12 - Pop rock music video conventions

Playing instruments:

All three of the bands in these clips are shown to be playing instruments. The editing between each of the band members is very quick and goes with the beat of the music.

Rebellious, Casual clothing:

In these clips, the artists are wearing mostly dark but casual clothing. This makes them seem more relaxed but can also give a hint of rebellion to the music video.


The narratives match the lyrics of the song and the mood of the song is conveyed through the narrative. For example, a song with a sad mood would convey the emotions through having a sadder narrative.

Performance shots:

The performance shots cut between the narrative to break it up, they also promote the band as they are shown to be performing their song.

Post 14 - Record Label Research

This is my research on the three record labels, Fueled By Ramen, Island Records and Parlophone

Post 13 - CD Cover Research

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Post 15 - Album Advertisement Analysis

Advertisement analysis from Lindsay Brophy

Due to the fact that advertisement 2 is an advertisement for a tour, some of the conventions are different. Instead of having song titles and an album title, the advertisement will have tour dates.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Post 9 - Andrew Goodwin's theory: Dancing in the Distraction Factory

An example of an Illustration music video is 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus. The lyrics are telling a story about a boy in high school. The images in the music video also show a boy in high school who is unpopular but finds the girl that he likes. The band are dressed as they would be expected to dress. The editing is always cut to the beat. We could create an Illustration music video by making the meaning of the video very literal and easy to understand, by the performance in the music video matching the lyrics.

An example of an Amplification music video is Paramore's 'Anklebiters' music video. In this part of the song, the lyrics "What do you actually expect a broken mirror to reflect" have been shown by the rose jumping through the mirror, while trying to get away from the "anklebiters" that are seen throughout the video. This is a more abstract way of expressing the lyrics in the song. We could use this in our music video to make the video look more creative and abstract by using more effects and 'thinking outside the box' to express our lyrics.

An example of a Disjuncture music video is 'Da Funk' by Daft Punk. The music video is more like a film rather than a music video, instead of lyrics and lip-synching, there is dialogue. The music video also does not cut to the beat. We do not know whether the lead singer was dressed up as the dog or whether he was an actor but this is not generally how Daft Punk were seen. We could create a disjuncture music video by using off-beat editing to disorientate the viewers and we could look very different from how the band are expected to look.

Another band who could be used as an example are 'Versailles', a J-Rock band who dress like French aristocrats. This would attract more people to listen to their music because they would be curious of their style of costume and then their sound. If we wanted to create a disjuncture music video, we could dress up slightly different from the norm to catch people's attention.

Post 8 - Vernallis' Theory: 'The Kindest Cuts- Functions and Meaning in Music Video Editing'

McFly's video for 'I'll be Okay' is an example of a music video described in Carol Vernallis' theory. This is because there are many different locations which are continuously being changed. There is more than one concept which is shown by the different locations, how feeling down and lost can cause you to do certain things such as drinking more alcohol or watching television all day by yourself.

There is an absence of time in the music video apart from at the end when everything starts getting better, such as the rain stopping.

The band are the visual hooks, they link the non-continuous shots together by being in them performing. The music video I focusing on them rather than on a narrative.

Jessie J in the music video for 'Domino' is also seen as a visual hook because she is seen in all of the shots, even when there is a change in background or costume. This links all of the shots together.

Shots of the artist will encourage us to piece together a 'phantasmagorical body' of the artist. For example, in Kylie Minogue's 'Spinning Around' music video, we are shown parts of her body which allows us to piece them together in order to make an ideal body.

I would use this theory in my music video by using different locations to show more than one concept. We can also use one or all of us as a visual hook to link the non-continuous shots together which would make the video editing smoother to watch.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Post 7 - Low budget ideas: The Fix - Just Got Paid

This is my analysis of the low-budget music video for 'Just Got Paid' by The Fix. I have also included some ideas from this video that I could put into my music video.