Thursday, 3 October 2013

Post 6 - Concept

These were our original concept ideas. We were planning on filming in London close to the Tate Modern and around other parts of London. We are now planning on filming in Sutton on the bridge close to the park and at Carshalton ponds. The concept of the costumes and props have not changed from the original ideas to the final ideas.
 These are our final concept ideas. We are planning on using the green screen to show the difference between the two different genre extremes of pop and rock. The narration consists of two friends moving apart from each other until they are no longer friends. We are showing the contrast between the time when they were best friends and the time when they are completely different from each other.

We plan to film our music video in a variety of locations, including Central London for the narrative and a drama room for our performance shots. This is because Central London is a busy place where friends go on day trips together and there is a lot of activity there. The drama rooms have low-key lighting due to the black walls, floor and ceiling but they are equipped with spot lights.

The two singers in the group will wear contrasting costumes in order to highlight the theme of two friends moving apart from each other and also to emphasise the pop rock genre.

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